Try using the simple filtering tool in our Catalogue. Enter your chassis number in the ‘By series’ tab of the Parts Catalogue and the list will be filtered to show you the parts that are suitable for your series of car. This assumes that your car has not been modified during its lifetime. If your car has been modified the parts shown may not be suitable.

The filtered list will also show you how many of each part is required per car.

If you are unable to identify the item(s) by part number please provide the following information and we will try and identify the part for you and advise about availability.

  1. Chassis number
  2. Close up, well focused photograph(s) highlighting the defining features of the item(s)
  3. Application: where on the car the item is fitted. Please be as accurate and descriptive as possible when defining the location of the part. For example, if you need a cylinder head stud, consider whether it goes from the cylinder head to the block, or from the cylinder head to the exhaust manifold.
  4. Material specification where appropriate, eg. brass, copper, steel.
  5. Accurate dimensions where appropriate. Items such as nuts, bolts, screws and washers are often identified by their dimensions so please provide the following information where possible:
    1. Thread size
    2. External diameter
    3. Internal diameter
    4. Length and where the measurement is taken from
    5. Thickness.