Please note that the abbreviation LTW used in the listing below stands for "Lock Tab Washer".

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Part Number R-R Number Part Description Unit Price
QTW100 E51859 LTW,water pump drive central nut, but not 20hp prior to 66H0 £2.70
QTW101 E54558 LTW, slipper drive central nut £7.50
QTW102 E50076 LTW, idler gear 20hp and 20/25 £6.00
QTW103 E28284 LTW, Bentley light type clutch, plate retainer £4.85
QTW104 E54793 LTW, main bearing cap £4.10
QTW105 E19192 LTW, M/B oil feed banjo, 20 & 20/25 to GXB26 £3.50
QTW106:1 LTW, main bearing retaining nuts, Phantom 3 £3.40
QTW107 GB2622 LTW King pin - Mark VI, A to F series. £2.80
QTW108 D51590 LTW, end nut starter Bendix £7.00
QTW108BL BLANK for LTW, end nut starter Bendix. £5.25
QTW109 E50075 LTW, 20hp & 20/25 idler gear cap nut £6.50
QTW110 E50121 LTW, main bearing oil pipe lock nut £5.40
QTW111 E55401 LTW, oil trough in crankcase, P3, Wraith £6.00
QTW112 E54782 LTW, main bearing oil pipe banjo £3.90
QTW113 GB1461 LTW, King pin 3 1/2L & 4 1/4L £6.00
QTW114 E50802 LTW, oil pump drive top £4.20
QTW115 E50122 LTW, main bearing oil feed stand pipe £2.70
QTW116 EB1031 LTW, crankshaft balance weight £3.30
QTW117 GB2977 LTW, N/S halfshaft bearing, Bentley M-series POA
QTW118 EB3228 LTW, Wraith & Mk 6 crankshaft damper central nut £6.50
QTW119 GB624 LTW, O/S halfshaft bearing £6.50
QTW120 G101229 LTW, N/S halfshaft bearing £6.50
QTW122 E84623 LTW, dynamo drive mounting, 4 1/4L and P2 £6.50
QTW123 E72951 LTW, Front brake shoe pivot Bentley, main bearing oil gallery P1 £3.20
QTW124 GB1640 LTW, prop shaft damper £3.00
QTW125 GB2080 LTW, pinion 7/8 diam. £6.00
QTW126 E76931/PE278 LTW, main bearing oil feed banjo, Phantom 2 and Phantom 3 £5.50
QTW127 E77948/PE206 LTW, main bearing nut, P2 £5.50
QTW128 XB7106R LTW, 1/4" bore £3.20
QTW129 E54566 LTW, square, slipper drive £1.10
QTW130 F58801 LTW, shock damper ball pin, Bentley all; rear link upper 20/25 GLZ52 on, 25/30 £5.80
QTW131 E57235 LTW, A-link bush capnut £8.50
QTW132 FB1062 LTW, A-link anchorage stud £6.50
QTW133 F58678 LTW, steering column base of stator tube, Bentley £7.50
QTW134 F71842 LTW,st.col. stat tube location, small HP & all Phantoms £4.90
QTW135 G53224 LTW, st.side tube fr. ball pin £8.00
QTW136 FB1504 LTW,side tube rear ball pad £5.10
QTW137 G100337 LTW, rear brake shoe pivot £7.00
QTW138 GB580 LTW, pinion 3/4" diameter £10.50
QTW139 G100139 LTW, differential duplex bearing £9.00
QTW140 G54710 LTW, gearbox first motion shaft £8.50
QTW141 G54681 LTW, gearbox, 3rd motion shaft, front of 2nd motion shaft £14.00
QTW142 G54678 LTW, gearbox, rear of 2nd motion shaft £6.00
QTW143 E77181 LTW, idler gear spindle, Bentley £5.50
QTW144 E26553 LTW, dynamo drive central pedestal, small horsepower and P2 £7.00
QTW145 E50326 LTW, main bearing oil gallery end plug £7.50
QTW146 EB1103 LTW, cam gear, 3 1/2L £7.00
QTW147 G73398 LTW, brake shoe pivot, P2 £1.90
QTW148 GB1336 LTW, N/S halfshaft oil seal £4.10
QTW149 G56555/G52135 LTW, servo bridge plate bearing, late £6.00
QTW150 G77672 LTW, gearbox brake cross-shaft £5.90
QTW153 G53410 LTW, trunnion nuts,propshaft universal joint £6.50
QTW154 LTW, dynamo commutator bearing, 4 1/4L £7.00
QTW155 F53665 LTW, steering column upper bearing nut £7.50
QTW157 KB2952 LTW, rockershaft front pedestal, Wraith POA
QTW157:1 KB2951 LTW, rockershaft front pedestal, 25/30 POA
QTW158 E26454 LTW, cam balancer spring housing £5.50
QTW159 E78996 LTW, dynamo drive quill shaft £6.00
QTW160 E10674 LTW, oil feed union, front cover £5.80
QTW161 LTW, bearing, starter motor reduction gear £6.50
QTW162 UE277 LTW, crank damper, S3 £38.50
QTW163 E70202 LTW, idler gear spindle, 20hp, 20/25 and P1 £6.50
QTW164 F76373 LTW, A-link bush, 20/25 & 25/30, P2 £6.00
QTW165 E52480 LTW, crankshaft damper, 20hp and 20/25 to GKT21 £6.50
QTW166 E17266 LTW, direct drive starter, drive end bearing £7.00
QTW167 GB2504 LTW, servo bridge bearing, Bentley M-series £6.50
QTW168 E60004 LTW, crank oil plug & damper, RR 20hp, early 20/25, 25/30 £6.00
QTW169 FB637 LTW, cup, front bumper mounting, 25/30 rear of side tube £8.00
QTW170 F57892 LTW, rear damper link lower ball pin, 20/25 GBT22 on, 25/30 £8.00
QTW171 G52135 LTW, servo bridge plate bearing, 20hp, 20/25 to end H2 series, & Bentley 3 1/2L £5.80
QTW172 GW1682 LTW, Wraith front hub bearing retainer £7.00
QTW173 GW698 LTW, Wraith front brake shoe pivot bolt £3.00
QTW174 G50447 LTW, differential pinion flange nut, 20/25 £3.70
QTW175 G7647 LTW, oil drain rear axle, 20hp and early 20/25 £6.50
QTW176 G53177 LTW, pinion thrust retaining nut, 20/25 £3.30
QTW177 KB2964 LTW, 3rd motion shaft rear, Wraith gearbox £6.50
QTW178 E51510 LTW, dynamo drive 20hp & 20/25 to GBT21 £7.50
QTW179 E36282 LTW, A-link mounting, 20/25 and 25/30 £5.40
QTW180 KB7116 LTW, Mark 6 pinion nut POA
QTW181 GB4638 LTW, Mark 6 pinion thrust bearing £1.90
QTW182 G50716 LTW, pinion thrust retaining nut, 20hp £7.00
QTW183 XB2961 LTW, crank damper pressure spring cap, Wraith & early Mk 6 £2.60
QTW184 E19192 LTW, 20 hp main bearing oil feed banjo. Use QTW105 POA
QTW185A LTW, 5/16 bore, 0.660" OD £5.40
QTW186 GW1340 LTW, rear of 2nd motion shaft, Wraith gearbox £2.90
QTW187 G7640 LTW, halfshaft bearing retainer, 20/25 £6.00
QTW188 F60565 LTW, side steering tube rear pad rear joint, 20/25 & 25/30 £3.40
QTW189 G55978 LTW, crown wheel carrier b'ring retainers, late 20/25, 30 & Wraith £4.50
QTW190 G55212 LTW, pinion nose bearing, 25/30 & Wraith £4.10
QTW191 G83894 LTW, pinion drive flange 25/30 & Wraith A&B series £3.30
QTW192 KB2965 LTW, pinion drive flange, Wraith C series POA
QTW193 F56802 LTW, 20/25 damper link ball pin, early £5.60
QTW194 E82330 LTW, crank balance weight, Phantom 2 series O2 - R2 £5.70
QTW196 FB637 LTW, ball pin rear of side tube, 25/30 : see QTW 169 £8.00
QTW197 F57895 LTW, damper ball pin, rear link upper, 20/25 GKT22 - GLZ51 POA
QTW200 F54842 LTW, steering column base of stator tubes, 20hp from 151 in J, 20/25 & 25/30, P3 £6.50
QTW201 G50222 LTW, clutch thrust housing, 20hp & 20/25, to end of GWP £7.00
QTW202 KB7108 LTW, 3/8" bore £6.00
QTW203 EW1855 LTW, Wraith fan adjuster £7.50
QTW204 G83894 LTW, pinion nut rear axle, P3 £3.30
QTW205 G55978 LTW, nut retaining differential carrier bearing, P3 to 74 in C-series £4.50
QTW206 G54452 LTW, Duplex bearing outer, P3 differential £9.00
QTW207 G82644 LTW, oil seal carrier, P3 differential £4.80
QTW208 G84541 LTW, retaining differential carrier box halves, P3 & 25/30, 85 in L2 series on £4.90
QTW209 G55212 LTW, pinion nose, P3 £4.10
QTW211 E85112 LTW, third/top selector shaft bearings, Wraith £4.90
QTW214 G74214 LTW, front axle king pin, P1 & P2 £8.00
QTW215 G76835 LTW, universal joint, P2 £7.00
QTW216 GW524 LTW, Mk 6 differential box £5.90
QTW217 G53332 LTW, rear axle oil drain, late 20hp, P2 £7.00
QTW221 G52469 LTW, front brake cross-shaft, 20hp and 20/25 £4.80
QTW222 EW1627 LTW, Wraith camshaft nut, front £7.50
QTW223 G52037 LTW, gearbox brake cross-shaft, 20hp, PII £5.70
QTW224 GW398 LTW, king pin, Wraith £5.20
QTW225 E9329 LTW, crank balance weight stud, 2025 GKT22 - GXB26 POA
QTW230 /PE278 LTW, oil pipe screwed connections, P2. POA
QTW232 E73272/pe295 LTW, crank damper central nut, P1 and P2 to K2A £8.50
QTW233 E71174/PE077 LTW, crank damper friction plate bolts, P1 and early P2 £7.00
QTW240 E73269/pe171 LTW, dynamo drive shaft bearing nut, P1 £10.50
QTW241 E79169/pe287 LTW, camshaft gear studs, Phantom 2 £8.50
QTW242 E26553/pe303 LTW, dynamo drive intermediate spindle, Phantom 2 £7.00
QTW243 KB7116 LTW, 7/8 bore £6.50
QTW244 KB7118 LTW, 1" bore £7.00
QTW245 (Use QTW103) LTW, 3/16" bore £3.37
QTW246 LTW, 7/16" bore £4.80
QTW247 KB7110 LTW, 1/2" bore £5.10
QTW248 LTW, 5/8" bore £5.60
QTW249 LTW, 3/4" bore £5.60
QTWA100 U602/SE066 LTW, crankshaft journal plug, Silver Ghost £4.00
QTWA101 E17438 LTW, oil gallery, Silver Ghost POA
QTWA150 E19128 LTW, front brake shoe pivot pin, Silver Ghost POA
QTWB100 G50159 LTW, prop shaft end nut, 20hp to GVO10 £6.50
QTWB101 E54139 LTW, Steering column base of stator tube, 20hp 151 in J to end of M series POA
QTWC100 E50341 LTW, P1 & P2, front cam b'rng stud, P2 dynamo spindle £4.85
QTWC101 E70559/pe107 LTW, main bearing oil feed, P1 £4.20
QTWC102 E70561 LTW, main bearing oil feed nut, P1 part series V £6.00
QTWC103 E73638/pe185 LTW, lock nut M/B oil feed, P1 £5.40
QTWC104 E70560/pe184 LTW, M/B oil feed standpipe, P1 £4.90
QTWC105 E16789 LTW, rear camshaft bearing stud, P1 and P2 £4.85
QTWC106 E72857 LTW, oil feed pipe to timing gear, P1 £2.20
QTWC108 E72080 LTW, spigot screw, ignition governor, P1 £6.00
QTWC109 E72067 LTW, bearing bush,throttle governor, P1 POA
QTWC110 E73899 LTW, oil catcher, throttle governor, P1 POA
QTWC111 E72080 LTW, throttle governor pinion bolt, Phantom 1 & 2 £6.00
QTWC112 E72091/pe183 LTW, nut, throttle governor pinion shaft, Phantom 1 & 2 £4.00
QTWC113 E70462 LTW, nut, dynamo drive shaft, P1 £4.60
QTWC115 G74277 LTW, brake cross-shaft, front axle, P1 series C2A on & P2 £10.00
QTWC116 F71841 LTW, base of steering column stator tube, P1 and P2 to end of N2 series £7.50
QTWC117 G74917 LTW, Hardy disc driven bolt gearbox drive, P1 series D2 - H2 POA
QTWC118 G73708 LTW, stop plate on flywheel, Phantom 1 series B2 - G2A, Phantom 2 POA
QTWC119 E75040 LTW, ignition governor bearing spindle nut Phantom 1 series D2 on, Phantom 2 £3.60
QTWC120 F70473 LTW, steering column central bearing, Phantom 1 and Phantom 2 £7.50
QTWC121 G70631 LTW, locking bolt, retainer of inner plate, clutch, Phantom 1 to end of A2 ser POA
QTWC122 F76466 LTW, front shock damper arm to shaft, Phantom 1 F2 series on POA
QTWC123 F74214 LTW, front damper link lower ballpin, Phantom 1 series C2 and D2 POA
QTWC124 G73398 LTW, Hardy disc driven bolt gearbox drive, P1 series V - C2 £1.90
QTWD100 E76632/pe215 LTW, central retaining nut, crankshaft damper, Phantom 2 K2B onwards £5.50
QTWD101 E77181 LTW, Idler gear spindle mounting, Phantom 2 £5.50
QTWD102 E26468 LTW, oil gallery front end plug, Phantom 2 £5.50
QTWD103 E27090 LTW, oil gallery rear end plug, Phantom 2 £3.30
QTWD104 LTW, oil distribution pipe, Phantom 2 £5.10
QTWD107 E50122 LTW, rocker shaft end plug, Phantom 2 £2.70
QTWD108 E50341 LTW, crankshaft damper bolts, Phantom 2 £4.85
QTWD109 LTW, on mounting studs, water pump, Phantom 2 £4.85
QTWD110 LTW, on pivot spindle, accelerator control on crankcase, Phantom 2 £7.50
QTWD111 LTW, cap nut, pipe feed to main bearing oil gallery, Phantom 2 to 61JS £7.50
QTWD120 F70615 LTW, ball pin, rear of side tube P1 & 2, frt damper P1 F2 on, P2 to M2 series £7.50
QTWD121 F83574 LTW, base of steering column stator tube, P2 series O2 on £4.65
QTWD122 G76518 LTW, pinion flange nut, rear axle, Phantom 2 £4.60
QTWD123 F79776 LTW, steering box, retaining pendulum lever to rocking shaft, P2 £7.00
QTWD124 G8148 LTW, clutch bolt, on rim of flywheel, P2, top of P1 wheel case £3.20
QTWD125 G78106 LTW, rear brake pivots, Phantom 2 £6.00
QTWD126 G77616 LTW, N/S bearing retainer, rear axle crown wheel carrier, P2 to end of S2 £5.50
QTWD130 G70357 LTW, differential carrier, N/S, P2 £5.30
QTWD131 G75587 LTW, differential carrier, O/S, P2 £5.30
QTWD140 G76815 LTW, thrust washer nut, brake servo, Phantom 2 to end of P2 series £3.30
QTWD141 G80087 LTW, thrust washer nut, brake servo, Phantom 2, R2 series on POA
QTWD144 E39693 LTW, anchorage stud, front axle A-link, P2, series P2 on POA
QTWD145 E26216 LTW, anchorage stud, front axle A-link, P2 to end of O2 series £3.20
QTWD146 F79506 LTW, filler plug, front shock absorber, Phantom 2 to 125 in O2 series POA
QTWD147 F79505 LTW, lever arm spindle, front shock damper, Phantom 2 to 125 in O2 series POA
QTWD150 E4835 LTW, shackle pin, front of rear spring N/S, Phantom 2, N2 series on £8.00
QTWD151 F83485 LTW, shackle pin, rear of front spring N/S, Phantom 2, N2 series on POA
QTWD164 G74917 LTW, gearbox, drive coupling bolt, Phantom 2 to end of M2 series POA
QTWD180 D72049 LTW, starter motor, dashpot cap commutator end, Ph 2 & Ph 3 POA
QTWE100 F60493 LTW, end cap, pedal shaft stabiliser bracket, 20/25 GAF52 on, 25/30 POA
QTWE101 LTW, rear axle, on bolt N/S axle tube to central axle case, 20/25 to 25 in A2 POA
QTWE102 LTW, mounting brkt on chassis, carrying rear engine stab. bar, 20/25 R - GRW21 £3.30
QTWH100 G85168 LTW, N/S crown wheel carrier support bearing, Phantom 3, 3CP150 on £7.50
QTWH101 G85165 LTW, O/S crown wheel carrier support bearing, Phantom 3, 3CP150 on £7.50

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